Thursday, July 06, 2006


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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

High Performance T-8 Fixtures

According to lighting manufacturers, energy-guzzling T-12 fluorescent lamps are still prevalent in commercial buildings. In fact these account for about 50% of lighting applications that could be replaced with T-8 systems. For maximum energy savings, manufacturers now offer High Performance 32-Watt, T-8 lamp-ballast systems that also provide better quality light, and longer lamp life. With only about 5% of commercial lighting systems now using high-performance lamp-ballast combinations, there is a huge opportunity to promote the use of these systems. Many of these products are eligible for financial incentives through New York Energy SmartSM programs such as Smart Equipment Choices.

Markets Signaling a slowdown in Growth

Equity and Commodity markets are signaling a growth slow down ahead for the second half. According to market pundits recent decline in copper, steel, aluminum and gold prices are in anticipation of lower demand ahead, as Chinese government will attempt to slow down growth by raising interest rates and higher Yuan valuation. It's a double edged sword, good for some manufacturers tired of competing against the cut throat pricing from China, and bad overall due to lower demand.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Have a Wonderful Fourth of July Weekend Everyone.

Neo- Ray Looses Marketing Manager

Powers that be in Cooper's fluorescent producct group decided to shake things up a bit and relieve Mr. Tom Wojtusik of his duties at Neo-Ray.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Inflation Flashes Its Pointed Teeth

Is inflation here? Maybe not. But it sure looks like it, based on these reports.

Asphalt – suppliers raised prices 3% to 15% in the week of May 22, according to an asphalt newsletter quoted in The Data DIGest (from the Associated General Contractors of America).
Asphalt prices – dirt driveways may make a comeback in Maryland, according to the Baltimore Business Journal (6/16), thanks to an increase in the per-ton price of asphalt from $220 one year ago to nearly $372 today.

Construction costs – the Turner Building Cost Index, reported before the quarter ends, said Q2 construction costs would rise 2.75% from Q1 2006 – and 11.89% from one year earlier (as reported on

Construction PPI – the producer price index for construction materials and components rose 7.8% from 6/1/05 to 5/31/06, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report (reported in The Data DIGest).

Construction pay – “Contractors have more work than they have people to do this work” and anticipate average salary increases of 3.97% this year, according to Engineering News-Record (6/26). ENR based its reporting on figures compiled by PAS, Inc. – which thinks selected markets (such as Las Vegas) might see much higher increases. In Vegas, the salary increase is projected to hit 7%.

Copper – “Copper prices dropped 30% as the speculative bubble burst,” according to James Haughey, chief economist for Reed Construction Data, writing 6/20. “However, pipe, tube, and wire prices will remain well above the 2005 level through next year.”

Global sign – “after rising in each of the past five months, the Global Manufacturing Input Prices Index hit a 19-month high,” according to the JP Morgan Global PMI report (6/1).

Biofuels & BP – BP (which used to stand for British Petroleum, didn’t it?) will invest $500M over the next 10 years in biofuels.

CHP = DG – a subsidiary of Distributed Energy Systems Corp. will built a 1 mW combined heat and power facility at the San Bernardino Processing & Distribution Center of the U.S.

Postal Service (in Redlands, Calif.). To be built at a cost of $2.5M, the CHP unit will provide 80% of the postal facility’s electrical power demand, according to a release.

Larger houses, higher bills – Americans have been choosing to buy larger houses (and builders are building them). According to an article on, no matter how “green” your home might be, “the larger the house, the more energy it uses.” According to NAHB statistics, the average size of a new home in 2005 was 2,433 sq. ft. It was 2,349 in 2004 . . . 1,905 in 1987 . . . and only 1,660 in 1973. At the same time, the average U.S. household reportedly has fewer people!

Motor efficiency – it’s the focus of industrial facilities that want to cut energy costs, according to a recent article in Plant Engineering magazine. See the graphic below.

PV at the dump – Florida power & Light will build a 250 kW solar photovoltaic array at the closed Bee Ridge Landfill (Sarasota, Fla.), according to the South Florida Business Journal (4/14).

Solar cell manufacturing – Nanosolar (Palo Alto, Calif.) is a privately held five-year-old company that started up with seed money from the founders of Google. The company will build the largest solar-cell manufacturing facility in the world in the San Francisco Bay Area – to be sited in one of three locations. “The factory could turn out enough solar cells each year to generate 430 mW of electricity,” according to the 6/20 report in the San Jose Mercury News. As of right this minute, all of the operating solar PV-making plants in the U.S. combined turn out only 153 mW worth of solar cells annually.

World energy demand – worldwide marketing energy consumption will grow by 71% from 2003 to 2030, according to the Energy Information Administration’s International Energy Outlook 2006. According to the EIA: “Projected reference-case world oil prices are 35% in 2025 than in last year’s IEO, reflecting a more pessimistic view of the willingness of oil-rich countries to expand production capacity as aggressively as previously envisioned.”


“There is a pilferage problem. People will take a little bit at a time.” – from Engineering News-Record, 6/26, in a quote from Chip Pierce of Brown Mechanical (Birmingham, Ala.)

“We had a bet about what was going to hit $3 first – a gallon of unleaded gas or copper. Copper hit it first.” – from The Miami Herald, 6/23, in a quote from George Hauffer, president of Daniel Electrical Contractors.

“We have not seen any projects canceled because of high copper prices, but we have seen a shift in the design phase to other materials. The market is really tight and some [shops] are not even taking orders.” – from Bill Zahner of A. Zahner Architectural Metals (Kansas City), as quoted in ENR.

“Last year, it cost $1,000 to wire a three-bedroom house. This year, it costs $4,000.” – from The Virginian-Pilot of Hampton Roads, Va. (6/14).

A transformer that cost $65,000 one year ago now goes for $100,000, according to Ben Kaplan, vice president of logistics for Turner Construction, as quoted in ENR.

“The nighttime thefts of low-voltage cable have been at remote locations . . . This week, AT&T announced a $5,000 reward [for information] leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone cutting and stealing cable from utility poles.” – from the 6/17 San Diego Union-Tribune.


In Connecticut, the price of sticking a gun in the mouth of someone you think owes you money – for an electrical contractor, anyway – is spending time building homes for the needy. A contractor who allegedly was owed $25,000 (from work said to have been done in 2001) lured a victim to a site and stuck a handgun into the other person’s mouth. The penalty: A five-year suspended sentence. While on probation (three years), the electrical contractor has to donate 120 hours of work annually (360 in all) to Habitat for Humanity.


John Reznick has been appointed president of Electrical Wholesalers, the Connecticut distributor that was the first acquisition of USESI. The release on the appointment came from Chester Springs, Pa., the HQ of USESI. Reznick joined the acquired company five years ago as director of commercial and industrial sales and was most recently the vice president of sales. He reportedly has 30+ years of industry sale and operations experience.


This was the title of an event held at in Florence, Ky., by Grainger. “Contractors raced through an obstacle course designed to test their speed and precision in a variety of tasks, including installing lighting, cutting pipe, and hammering nails.” The grand prize: A Grainer shopping spree.


Gross profit margins in China’s electronics distribution business are only 3% to 5%, according to Purchasing magazine (5/18).


The U.S. subsidiary of Dialight plc, called “the UK-listed leader in applied LED technology,” will license the worldwide patent portfolio of Color Kinetics. This will help Dialight drive its LED application initiatives in architectural, entertainment, and general illumination markets.

MARTHA STEWART’S LIGHTING ! Whats Next Calvin Klein Wallwashers?

According to a 6/20 release, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has agreed (according to a 6/20 release) to allow Quality Home Brands to make a new Martha Stewart-branded line of lighting and ceiling fans. The products will be marketing by Murray Feiss Lighting, Sea Gull Lighting, and the Monte Carlo Fan Co. brands. Initial introduction is set for spring 2007.


Don L. Buehner and Bill Jones are the co-founders of Lite Touch. According to a 5/26 release, Don J. Buehner, 41, the president/CEO, has purchased Jones’ interest in the company – making him the majority shareholder. Don L. Buehner, 77, is the company chairman

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LSI Buys Saco Industries

LSI purchases Saco Industries for $23 million cash and stock deal to gain a strong foothold in the LED industry.

This could make them a strong player against the likes of Renaissance and LED LIghting Fixtures.

Illuminating Experience Is Moving

Hot off the press - Illuminating Experience of central New Jersey will be closing down their factory in New Jersey and moving to their parent company Cassina Group's headquarters in Huntington Station, Long Island.

Move is expected to be completed by Mid December.

Company president was discharged in February due to ethical disagreements.

Monday, June 26, 2006

They Are Dropping Like Flies

Something is in the air around Tupelo headquarters of DayBrite, Capri, Omega Lighting. Engineers are abondoning ship faster than you can say
"Titanic". Our sources have confirmed the departure of three senior veterans of the product development team leaving DCO Lighting within the past month for greener pastures.

The sales people are no exception either - Is it simply a case of better opportunities or sign of something more ominous???

Steven Landreaneau Joins Brownlee Lighting as Product Manager


Rumor has it WAC Lighting is up for sale.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

MetroLight Gets New CEO

Metrolight bring on Mr. Igal Zamir as President and CEO replacing Mr. Yigal Yanai. Mr. Yanai will remain as Chairman of the Board.

This move happens after MetroLight securing a $6 million investment from Sampal Capital.